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Manish Grampurohit (Player X) “Clarity, Promptness and Professionalism is what defines Lexagent.
They are absolutely clear with the immigration processes and the same level of clarity is maintained while communicating details to the clients.

They are prompt in providing support and getting all the paper work and running around done within the time frame provided. If there are any delays expected in the process these are informed to the clients from beginning.
Their working style has a very high level of professionalism.

Clients don’t have to worry about anything, once their requirements are handled by Lexagent. I would strongly recommend them for any relocation and immigration services.”

Rita Chye (General Motors) I hope this email finds you both well. It has been quite awhile since you last took me round Pune.

I just wanted to drop you both a note of thanks and utmost appreciation for the great job you have done for General Motors. In our line of work, we seldom hear good news and people never run out of complaints and never tire of telling you how bad something has gone. Fortunately, I have heard nothing but rave reviews from our ISP who have had the pleasure of your service.

I know how challenging an industry you are in and I really appreciate the dedication of you both and your team of consultants.
I wish you both continued success & keep up the great job!!

Stephen Fernands President (Customized Energy Solutions) I have greatly appreciated working with Lexagent over the past several months. They have been responsive to my needs and have often gone beyond what I would have expected from a relocation agent.

They were there to help prior to my families arrival; from the initial identification of a house they helped by doing research and narrowing down the number of houses from which we selected an excellent house in a very good community.

They were able to provide advice on schools for our three children and help that process move forward. They understand the needs of expatriates and anticipated several of them (like backup power) before I realized how important it would be.

When we arrived in Pune we found the house to be exactly what we had hoped; the phone, electricity, water, television were all connected and working properly. We were able to move in the day we arrived without any significant issues. After that they were able to help us to find places to shop and get settled in.

Additionally, they helped us navigate the sometimes torturous beaurocracy with getting us registered. After we personally got settled in they helped us in locating a business office which has also proven to be very time and cost effective. But most importantly they helped us in connecting with others.

We get comments from many other expatriates in the area as to how we have integrated so quickly into Pune in our two months here and a significant factor in helping this to happen has been the good work of Preeti and Vikas and their team at Lexagent.

I would recommend them highly to anyone that is relocating to Pune.

Carsten Glombik (Allianz-IN) "May 2010: For the second consecutive time Lexagent Services Pvt. Ltd. renewed my annual Indian Employment Visa with the Indian authorities. Lexagent Services handled both cases professionally, precise, fast and with ease.

Lexagent’s competent and efficient personnel collated/updated all required information, prepared all required documents, made appointments with and supported me during my presentation of my documents at FRO Pune and during the subsequent verification process, then followed up with FRO Pune and the Ministry of Home Affairs in Delhi and eventually got my passport and Indian residence permit endorsed by FRO Pune.

In both cases the entire process was completed in less than one and a half months. Thank you Lexagent Services, well done and thank you Zubin Kabraji (IGCC, Pune) for your recommendation and guidance! Carsten Glombik, Bajaj Allianz Insurance Companies, India"

Kevin Beausoleil General Manager, Finance (Navistar International Pvt. Ltd.) To whom it may concern:

Navistar has been a customer of Lexagent since 2007 for look-see trips, real estate and visa services. I have been working with Preeti and Vikas Roongta since 2008 when I arrived in Pune and I have been pleased with their attentiveness, hard work and dedication. They have always understood that their first priority is to please the customer and they are willing to make the extra effort to ensure satisfaction. I think one of the best things about working with them is their positive attitude; even when times are tough they manage to pull off a sincere smile and work through the issues. Preeti and Vikas also created the Pune Expat Club which has brought a lot of interesting events to Pune, making the city more enjoyable to live in.

Of course they can’t grow a successful business on their own, so they have pulled together a staff of people who share the same culture and attitudes. My employees have been very pleased with the recent searches, move-ins and move-outs, in large part due to the professional and friendly help of Lexagent employees.

There are a lot of firms in India who do this type of work, Navistar has tried several of them but we have stayed with Lexagent in Pune because of our positive experiences. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Best Regards,