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India. The fastest growing country. An emerging economy. A destination where the old meets the new. A country that is changing every day. With 28 local languages, multiple flavors of cuisine, fascinating traditions and rituals, moving to India is on every bucket list. So if you are relocating to India as an expatriate, welcome to an experience that will change you forever. And like they greet you to welcome you in India, Namaste!



Using our understanding of global know-how, we design a suitable corporate employee relocation program that addresses all the big issues and small problems!
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Be it Legal advice for real estate purchase or rent and leasing documents, registration of the contracts, whetting of all legal documents – the team does diligence seriously.
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We have worked with corporations, individuals and associations to ensure a smooth transfer to India after complying with the local laws.
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We have been working with Lexagent since 2007 for look-see trips, real estate and visa services. We are pleased with their attentiveness, hard work and dedication. They are always willing to make the extra effort to please the customers and ensure satisfaction.
There are a lot of firms in India who do this type of work, Navistar has tried several of them; but we have stayed with Lexagent because of our positive experiences.

Kevin B.| GM-Finance & Mobility In-charge


I wish to extend my thanks and gratitude to you all for taking the initiative of getting all formalities complete in a professional manner where myself and my wife were able to complete the process in a seamlessly.
Once again a special thanks to Lexagent team and May you continue your good work in the future!
All the very best!

Maneesh D.| Manager-Global Key Account


I have greatly appreciated working with Lexagent over the past several months. They were there to help prior to my families arrival; from the initial identification of a house to final selection of an excellent house in a very good community. When we arrived in Pune we found the house to be exactly what we had hoped; the utilities were all connected & working properly. We were able to move in the day we arrived without any issues.

Stephen F.| President

Customized Energy Solutions

We had an urgent need for my New Born baby Birth Certificate to apply for his passport and Lexagent was able to help us to get that with great speed, integrity & honesty. So far it has been one of the easiest and hassle free experiences since working with various Indian service providers. I would highly recommend their services.

Cliff H.

Jaguar Land Rover

I just wanted to drop a note of thanks to Vikas & Preeti and utmost appreciation for the great job Lexagent Team has done for General Motors. I have always heard rave reviews from our ISP who has had the pleasure of your service. I know how challenging an industry you are in and I really appreciate the dedication of you both and your team of consultants.

Rita C.


Ian S.

I had the pleasure of working with Lexagent team during my stay in Pune India. They are extremely driven and focused on customer satisfaction whatever the hour or task. I would highly recommend Lexagent to anyone looking to move to India or anyone who may have a problem with visas, housing or any other issue that will pop up during your visit or stay in India. You will be assured of a totally professional welcome and resolution to your issue.


Lexagent is a member of Worldwide ERC and EuRA and so far in the last decade we helped thousands of expat families enjoy the experience that is India. Lexagent offers their services across 10 metros in India which include Pune(HQ), Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Vadodara.

Head Quarter

Lexagent Services Pvt. Ltd.
2 / 204, Gera Gardens
Near Taj Vivanta,
Koregaon Road,
Pune-411001. INDIA.
+91 (20) 4131 5000
+91-997 555 8596

New Delhi | Gurgaon | Ahmedabad | Vadodara | Kolkata | Mumbai | Pune | Hyderabad | Bangalore | Chennai


Welcome to India! If you have any Relocation, Properties, Immigration, or Document Authentication query, please fill-in the form and we shall connect with you shortly!