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6 Qualities That Make Lexagent Different

Expat relocation is not easy for any company. It is not only expensive but also a tedious, intensely involved process with many potential pitfalls. The HR Department or the folks tasked with managing the relocation have to manage so many things. The company has to hire the right person, get the appropriate legal sanctions in place, support the expat employee make the move from their home country, guide them in the process of settling into the host country, and then help create a life, socially and personally, for the expat over the duration of the stay.

The topmost issues faced over this whole process of expat hiring and relocation are:

  • Managing immigration compliance: Applying and obtaining work visas
  • Managing the relocation: Home Search, Settling-in, School Search
  • Social integration and connecting with locals
  • Cultural Assimilation and Language exposure
  • Post arrival compliance and dealing with culture shock

Most companies do not have the skills in all these areas or do not have the permanently allocated resources in-house to address these challenges. That’s what we at Lexagent are here for. With the vision of being a world-class provider of relocation services in India, we have come a long way in our 13-year journey. Since 2005, we have been providing professional support to organizations for the end-to-end management of their expat relocation needs. Testimonials from our clients and the happy expats we have worked with speak for themselves:

“I had the pleasure of working with Lexagent team during my stay in Pune India. Lexagent team is extremely driven and focused on customer satisfaction whatever the hour or task. I would recommend Lexagent to anyone looking to move to India or anyone who may have a problem with visas, housing or any other issue that will pop up during your visit or stay in India. You will be assured of a totally professional welcome and resolution to your issue.”

 – Ian Smith, Magellan Aerospace Limited


“I would like to express my gratitude for the outstanding customer service my family and I have received recently from Lexagent. Their combined efforts made the visa renewal process almost painless – which is as good as it gets! Lexagent kept us informed throughout the visa renewal process and coordinated appointments and timing very well also made our time at the FRO low stress and as quick as possible. We truly appreciate their work and the service they provided to us.”

 – Chris Harry, PACCAR India


These are a sampling, we have many more such happy stories to tell. We believe it is our privilege to be in a position to impact the lives of so many expats and their families. That said, we wanted to take a step back and identify where we were able to deliver the most impact? In a sense, what is it that our customer organizations, and the expats we help, value about their association with us? What makes us different?

1.Pan India Presence

Some of our clients are large multi-national or Indian corporates with offices spread across the country. They look to fill key positions with expats at various locations and would not want to work with different agencies at each location. Lexagent’s pan-India presence provides that flexibility of location. You needn’t worry about the city – we have relocated expats in many different locations across the country.

2.Anti Corruption & Anti Bribery Policy

Organizations dealing with government processes and expats dealing with the nitty-gritty of life in India worry about things like ethics, dishonesty, corruption, and harassment. Our strict anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies provide them the assurance that every transaction and every activity that we undertake on their behalf will be clean, transparent, and legally sound. In an age of strict compliance and corporate governance codes, this is a definite plus.

3.Secure Systems and Processes and Clear IP and Privacy Policies

We understand that we are handling the private and personal data of some very senior personnel. We are also privy to sensitive corporate information. Our well-defined processes, clear policies, and professional-grade security systems ensure data safety of our clients. We secure all the data that we are privy to and take the utmost care to protect and manage it.

4.Adherence to Local Legal Compliance

Among the most important factors while relocating expats is the compliance with local laws and regulations. We understand the letter and the spirit as well as the nuances of the laws of the land. India is a complex bureaucracy, with specific Federal and State laws applicable in various cases. It pays to understand every small little legal detail involved in the process of the relocation, work, and life of the expat.

5.Client-Centric Approach

We are conscious of the impact that we have on the lives of the expats we relocate. Given that expats tend to come in at senior or otherwise key positions in our client organizations, we are also aware of the possible ramifications for our customers if the move is mishandled. Our services are based on our client’s needs and requirements that vary as per each client. Our clients are the fulcrum of our organization and drive everything that we do.

6.World Class Team

An organization is only as good as its employees. At Lexagent, we have a world-class team of professionals to take care of each of our clients. The services we provide cover a wide area. Despite the variety and scope, our team is well-equipped to deal with all these situations.

Of course, Lexagent’s role doesn’t end when the expat reaches our shores. It is a key challenge to ensure that the expat and his family settle down in the country. This means not only taking care of the logistical aspects like home and school, which we help with, but also helping them settle-in. We have helped expats create communities, make friends, and adapt to the culture of the land through initiatives like the Pune Expat Club.

Our attempt has always been to provide a professional, transparent, structured, and comprehensive bundle of services to our clients and the expats they relocate to India. Over the years that we have been in business, we have tried to be different in our own way -and it’s great that our customers appreciate us for just those things!

Our passion for service drives us, our diverse clientele motivates us, and our goals challenge us.

Lexagent. Local Expertise. Global Understanding.

HR’s Worry List For Expat Relocation to India

71% of expats in India report high confidence in the Indian economy -more than anywhere else in South and Central Asia. 63% of expats recommend India for the career advancements. HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey of 2017 has plenty of interesting numbers but if we were to summarize the results in 8 words it would be “More expats love India than ever before.” This is, of course, a very good thing -top international talent coming to India in greater numbers is good for business, good for the economy, and good for the expats too. The only people who are not completely thrilled with the whole deal may well be the HR folks in the organizations that employ these expats. Not that they don’t care for business growth -just that some peculiar challenges arise when it comes to expat relocation.

Hiring and relocating expats is no mean task. There are many things to nail down before, during, and after such a move gets made. So much rides on a successful transition and there is so much more that can go wrong. Some of the major issues faced both by HR folks and the expats, concern family relocation, cultural acceptance, acclimatization to a new work culture, housing, government regulations etc. Lexagent has helped many expats relocate to India and it’s fair to say that, at this point, we have, more or less, heard it all when it comes to areas of concern. Based on that experience, here’s an “HR worry list” with the Top 6 HR concerns for expat relocation and how to address them:

  1. Government regulations

The most important task (and the biggest worry) for any organization is to be completely aware of the laws of the land before carrying out the expat hiring and relocation process. The HR groups responsible for making the move happen should prepare an extensive checklist covering every possible legal process to be fulfilled before hiring the expats. It includes work permits, visas, registration requirements, financial documentation, and other important documentation required for relocating to India. This will ensure that the expat employee faces no regulatory hurdles on landing here.

  1. Fitment into Indian work culture

Every country has a distinct professional and work culture. Even in India, the work culture differs across major centers like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru etc. It is a valid concern if expat employees will be able to fit in or perform in an alien environment. Things that they take for granted in their home environment may be unavailable here and that should not throw them off their stride. It is imperative for the HR groups to introduce the incoming expats to the prevalent work culture early in the move. This helps in faster acclimatization to the work environment and avoiding any work culture shocks.

  1. Home and Family Settlement

The biggest concern of the incoming expat, and hence of the HR group that would be caring for them, is the happiness and well-being of the expat family. This covers a gamut of areas – home, schooling, house help and staff, transport, social life, entertainment, and even community. All these are important areas. Discomfort or poor options in any one of these will distract the expat employee and ultimately frustrate and demotivate them. The HR group will have to take the onus of providing the expat with all the right information they need to make the right choices that will make their Indian life a happy experience. 

  1. Salary and Payment Schedule

Many reports now show that some Indian centers (like Mumbai) may be among the highest paying locations worldwide for expats. Clearly, money is a huge factor -and a huge worry for HR too. An extremely important aspect of consideration for expats while moving overseas is the salary and the terms of the salary. The terms of employment should be clearly stated. The salary should be transparently clear. The inclusions, and most importantly, the exclusions should be listed. The applicable tax laws should be identified, and all agreements should be in writing. This helps prevent any misunderstanding or debate later. 

  1. Cultural Assimilation

Starting a new life in a foreign land has its own challenges. We have written in the past how HR should help the expats settle into their new culture. Without this, the newly arrived expat could become lost, confused, and alienated. This support may include identifying Expat clubs and communities in the city. The case point is Pune Expat Club.These groups let expats socialize with other expat families to build a fulfilling social circle.  This may involve introducing them to the local festivals like Holi and Diwali. This inculcates a sense of belonging and oneness amongst the expats and their families. The sooner the expat feels at home, the better it will be for HR.

  1. Long-term v/s short-term

The tenure of the expat decides what kind of assistance the expats might need. The worries for HR are different in each case. If it is a short-term relocation then the chances are high that the expat might not be willing to get his family along. The focus is more on the expat himself and getting him (or her) up to speed on the job, settled into the new role, and providing them the specific support they need to hit the ground running. The worry here is often how to keep the expat employee motivated and engaged with the temporary assignment. If it is a long-term proposition then the family relocation becomes a major priority.

The expat’s performance depends upon how happy and welcoming they feel in your organization and country. The onus is on the HR group to make the expat employee feel welcome, settled in, and ready to take on the work challenges. As we have seen, that task is not a trivial one -but it’s something that organizations everywhere are taking on more than ever before. And, in many cases, they are doing so with help from Lexagent!


Welcome to India! If you have any Relocation, Properties, Immigration, or Document Authentication query, please fill-in the form and we shall connect with you shortly!